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Global Art Journeys was founded in 2021 to answer one critical question: how can we bring people together across cultures in a meaningful way? With an extensive background in international education and the arts, our founder, Sarah, wanted to draw upon her experiences in a way that would serve adults who practice an art - whether it's a hobby, a side hustle, or a full-time occupation.

We aim to foster global connection and effect social change by building an international network of artists through collaborative experiences and personal, curated connections.

Our first free webinar series, starting in February 2022, will offer you the chance to listen to captivating stories about intercultural experiences, learn a new skill from an expert practitioner, and maybe even launch a new phase of your artistic journey. You'll hear how each artist has been inspired by the world around them, and how encounters with other cultures helped them gain new perspective and new ideas.  

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Will you come on the journey with us?

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